Jul 212010

Rainwater harvesting is a fantastic water conservation and water storage solution for the home or office. Water Solutions sells, delivers and installs rain water tanks throughout the greater Cape Town area and with our supply and install agreements with the major water tank manufacturers like JoJo and Nel Tanks, we can offer you all shapes, colours and sizes at the very best possible price.

While having a water tank is a great idea, it’s how you fill it and what you do with it that counts. Water Solutions offer you a number of installation options to suit your needs and pocket. From topping up a watering can with a hose, to pumping that water out via a sprinkler for garden irrigation or washing the car, all the way to sending your free harvested rainwater back into the home so you can bath, shower or wash your hands with it, we can do it all.

Our system of filtering the rainwater at source means only clean water reaches the water tank. In turn this minimises the maintenance requirements of your tank, and the quality of water stored increases the options for use. Plenty of our customers drink and cook with this water.

Our price for sale and road side delivery of a 5000l JoJo water tank in Cape Town is R3 245.00 – you will not find a better price in the Cape ! And in the miniscule chance that you do, prove it and we’ll beat it !!!

For a full list of our most popular tank sizes, dimensions, colours and prices, click here.

And please do use the Contact Us page, or drop us an email if you’d like more information on our water tank options, or to get a free quote for a full installation.

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