May 122016

Our aim is to provide the greater Cape Town area with easy to use, cost effective water conservation devices and solutions. From basic rainwater tanks to full scale rainwater harvesting solutions, from grey water irrigation systems to pool backwash water re-use and toilet flushing mechanisms, our water conservation products cover every inch of the home.


As registered dealers of Nel and JoJo tanks, we can source, deliver and install rain water tanks anywhere around Cape Town at the best possible prices. The past two years have seen a steep increase in the number of people looking to harvest their rain water and create their own supply. We are very proud of our many happy customers that are doing their bit to conserve this most precious resource.
If it’s rainwater harvesting you’re after, we have a solution for each application, so no matter what you want to do, we’re bound to be able to help.

For the garden enthsiast and true water conservationist, we have a grey water system second to none. You absolutely cannot beat this product for functionality and quality. And the feel good factor is fantastic. There are truely few things better in this world than knowing every time you bath or shower or wash your clothes, that you are getting a second use out of that water. And the best bit…… it’s all automated.

Water Solutions are helping the residents of Cape Town do beautiful things in their water conservation efforts and we’re here to help you. Whether you’re thinking big or small we can recommend a solution to suit your needs.¬†Every drop counts, so do what you can.


We look forward to hearing from you,
Cheers… Shaun.

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