JoJo Water Tank Pictures


A selection of some of the most popular water and rainwater tanks from JoJo Tanks, available in Cape Town and surrounds. For our full list of tanks including size and pricing details, click here.


Water Tank - JoJo - Slimline - 750lt

JoJo – 750lt Slimline Water Tank – 750mm(d) 1800mm(h)


JoJo Water Tank

JoJo – 2,200lt Standard Water Tank – 1420mm(d) 1690mm(h)


Water Tank JoJo 5000lt Low Profile

JoJo – 5,000lt Low Profile Water Tank – 2200mm(d) 1560mm(h)


Water Tank JoJo 10000lt standard

JoJo – 10,000lt Standard Water Tank – 2200mm(d) 3080mm(h)


Installed Water Tank JoJo Slimline

JoJo Water Tank Installation – 2 x 750lt Slimline Tanks – Evening Shadow Colour


Installed Water Tank JoJo 5000lt

JoJo Water Tank Installation – 1 x 5,000lt Standard Tank – Khaki Colour


water tank colour chart

JoJo Water Tanks Colour Chart

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